eBI Solutions is a professional services firm headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. The company provides eBusiness Integration solutions for different industries in mid-size and large organizations. While its primary market is Southern California, eBI Solutions takes on engagements in other states or regions of the United States. eBI Solutions has a number of business partners, both in the software and services areas, and an affiliate office in Chicago.

The range of services eBI Solutions can provide include:

  • Needs and ROI Analysis
  • Business consulting (business process optimization)
  • Project management
  • Technical and solutions architecting
  • Implementation and technical development
  • Documentation
  • Training/knowledge transfer

In other words, eBI Solutions can guide and deliver a project from inception to roll-out and maximize the use of client internal resources and talents.

eBI Solutions has been founded with the sole focus of providing superior e-Business Integration solutions. Since the field is very complex and each customer has unique requirements and technologies already in place, finding the right solution is a complex task. — a task that can only be accomplished by analyzing and understanding a customer’s business needs and strategic direction, by knowing the technologies and products available in the market and the ability to apply the technology to the problem in the most effective fashion to create a superior solution. That, we believe, requires focus, depth of business and technical knowledge and great people working with great attitude towards one goal: to make our clients achieve their goals.

At eBI Solutions, we know that experienced professionals, strong partnerships with product vendors and other service firms as well as a proven implementation methodology coupled with integrity and honesty will enable us to build strong relationships and satisfy our customers.

eBI Solutions offers a range of industry solutions that can be customized to a client’s specific needs and technology environments. While we strive to implement real-time integration wherever it makes sense, there are cases where batch integration is desired or necessary. While tactical solutions may involve batch integration or a mix of both, strategic solutions are most likely based on a real-time infrastructure.

The following list shows some of the solutions we offer:

Tactical Solutions

  • Web integration
  • CRM integration
  • ERP integration
  • Mainframe integration
  • EDI setup and integration with backend systems
  • Converting applications to XML
  • Adapter implementation
  • Custom adapter development
  • Interface modifications, wrapping
  • Rapid prototypes

Strategic Solutions

  • Integration software evaluation
  • EAI package implementation
  • Message broker/messaging backbone implementation
  • B2B (trading partner) integration (EDI, XML-based, other)
  • Workflow automation
  • XML enabling EAI infrastructure
  • Web services enablement
  • Rapid prototypes

eBI Solutions believes that a good, methodical approach and discipline are just as important as technical and functional expertise in delivering the desired solutions to clients. In that context, our consultants are very capable of assisting clients in making business decisions, especially in determining cost savings and ROI and assessing risks and implementation strategies.

Our methodology, called the eXtensible Integration Methodology (XIM), is largely based on the de-facto industry-standard Unified Process (using UML where applicable), but we judiciously use only tools and formalities if they help deliver quality, manage risks and keep the project on track.

The four main phases of XIM are:

  1. Inception (analysis)
  2. Elaboration (design, issue resolution)
  3. Construction (setup, coding, testing)
  4. Transition (handoff, rollout, documentation)

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