Renewable Energy

PNG is invovled in renewable energy generation and storage (e.g. Wind, Solar, and Bio-based generation), electric and hybrid engines, batteries and grid backup storage. Renewables, especially wind and solar are taking a role of increasing importance in the energy industry. Therefore PNG is progressively positioning for the proclaimed energy transition. The energy outlook forecasts renewable energy as the fastest growing source of energy, increasing five-fold by 2040 thus providing a significant percentage of global primary energy at this future point in time.

PEG Sustainability Statement

The Patten Energy Group (PEG) customer driven single sourced company commitment to sustainability is evident through PEG net carbon footprint ambition to guide its customers toward greener product options. Participate and collaborate with local and state governments and non-governmental green round tables; incorporate and practice the learned sustainability methods and products in house; educate customers with the latest industry sustainable method and products and encourage them to practice utilizing more green products within their organization with a goal of moving toward a 100 percent green product usage.

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